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Open Water Diver Course - $ 495.00

This course incluses the didactic material and use of BCD, tanks, Regulator, and weights.

Each student needs a mask, snorkel, fins, and booties that can be purchased at our retail store. We require scuba diving rated gears properly fitted to you. 

This course will give you the knowledge and skills necessary to become a proficient Open Water Diver. The course consists of three parts. Academic, Confined Water skills, and Open water skills.

You have to fill a medical form and need to be  physically fit to underwater activities. You need to know how to swim. 

The academic portion of the class is based on a home study model with Instructor helping when necessary. 

Confined water skills is done in a pool. You will learn all the skills needed to become a solid diver. The time necessary in the pool depends on the speed of mastering the skills.

The Open water skill session is typically done at the lake in 2 days. You will demonstrate your scuba skills and become comfortable in assembiling and disassembling your gears. You will pass an exam, successfully master the Close and Open water skills in order to receive a Open Water certification. The student is responsible for a  fee to be paid to the lake operator for the daily entry, their own transportation, food, dry clothes, air fills, 

We provide enjoyable small classes and optionally private classes at a different price.

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PADI specialties:

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Dry suit
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Emergency Oxygen provider
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RAID Recreational classes

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RAID Specialties:





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